Why Hire A Tax Lawyer?

A tax attorney or tax lawyer can offer benefits and capabilities no other tax professional can.   Contact a tax attorney now.    I can help.  1-425-330-4898.

Privileged Communications. Communications to a lawyer and his staff are confidential and privileged. This can be very important in tax cases. Communications to accountants and enrolled agents are not similarly privileged.

Not Intimidated. The IRS intimidates enrolled agents who are licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers. Tax attorneys, on the other hand, are licensed by the State Bar Association, not the IRS.

Preparation. A tax attorney has the education, training, and experience to best represent you before the IRS and the courts.

Accountability. Bar Associations regularly penalize and disbar tax lawyers with ethical violations. We stand behind our advice and service.

Representation in Court.  If your tax case needs to be litigated in court, a tax lawyer can do that for you.

Contact us today with the confidence that you will receive the best guidance and representation.

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