Tax Protestors

The IRS loves to hammer tax protestors.  The bottom line is that tax protesters consistently lose in court and with the IRS. While their arguments might have some attraction along the lines of telling people what they want to hear, the courts and the IRS have not been particularly good audiences.

Most of the tax protest schemes that have come to our attention are, in fact, frivolous. There have been so many that we no longer spend any time analyzing them. So please don’t call and ask whether a particular ploy works. It doesn’t. It might work for a time, but only because the IRS hasn’t quite got up to speed on it. Eventually the IRS will go after it, with a great deal of zeal.

We always suggest that tax protesters take a look at Section 1 paragraphs (c) and (d) of the Internal Revenue Code. Note that the tax on income is owed regardless of whether returns or statements are filed. Bogus statements or returns do not negate this liability. Returns must be filed to obtain the beneficial rates for married-filing-joint or head-of-household status. But under paragraphs (c) and (d), an income tax is owed regardless of what the taxpayer files. Also, look at Section 6011, which clearly states that appropriate returns must be filed, contrary to the allegations that the tax code doesn’t require anybody to file tax returns, that is to say the system is somehow allegedly voluntary. Filing tax returns is not voluntary. And for the biggie look at Section 6020(b) which, if you don’t file tax returns, gives the IRS the authority to assess a tax against you for any amount, no matter how erroneous that amount might be. This is scary. Many people don’t realize that the IRS is authorized to assess and collect taxes that have no relation to reality. The IRS loves this.

And if you think your wages are not income, well, we can’t help you. But we are curious how you handle the cognitive dissonance given the fact that the IRS, the courts, and the rest of the world does not agree with you. Talk about the death of common sense.

We have helped many victims of the tax protest movement. They need help because they are victimized twice. First when they buy into the tax protest movement (which like most cults typically does cost something to join) and second when the IRS gets a hold of them. The IRS collection department has a special zeal for tax protesters. If you have been the subject of IRS collection efforts, give us a call. We can help neutralize a Revenue Officer or the Automated Collection Division of the IRS.