We do not advise any anyone to represent themselves in an IRS Audit. IRS Auditors will find errors no matter how carefully you have kept your books and records. There is nothing worse than having the IRS chasing after you. As a taxpayer, you have rights, including the right to consult a lawyer.

The IRS and state tax agencies are increasing the number of audits and exams they perform. The IRS is hiring new auditors to keep up with the number of businesses and individuals they have targeted for audit consideration.

Representation in an audit or examination should include:

  • Persuade the IRS that you reported all of your income and are entitled to any credits, deductions and exemptions;
  • Make sure the auditor doesn’t get unnecessary information from you that may give the auditor reasons to examine more of your tax returns;
  • Not give copies of tax returns to the auditor that would cause an audit of those years;
  • Protect you rights against over zealous auditors looking at tax years more than three years old;
  • Insure the auditor doesn’t get any potentially damaging information that may cause you to owe more tax;
  • Know the right time to seek a conference with the auditors manager or when to appeal an audit decision;
  • Make sure you know your rights and that they are protected at all times;
  • Use legal training and expertise to research tax legal issues to fight for you;
  • Present your information and records in the right way and time to protect you;
  • Examine and explain your tax examination report to you, help you appeal within the IRS, and continue the appeal to the Tax Court in necessary.