How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?

How long does bankruptcy take?  It takes about 4.5 months to complete most Chapter 7 bankruptcies  from the date of filing.

Once the petition and related documents have been filed, the Section 341 meeting is typically scheduled about six weeks later. The debts are discharged about sixty-five days after the Section 341 meeting, and the case dismissal is usually a week after that.

This time frame assumes there are no assets to be sold for the benefit of creditors, which typically is the case.  If there are assets, then the debts are discharged in the same time frame but the case will be held open much longer while the Trustee is selling assets, distributing funds to the creditors, and reporting to the court.

The important thing to remember is that the creditors must stop hassling you and garnishing your wages immediately upon you filing the bankruptcy petition.