The failure to file individual tax returns typically has a snowballing effect.  Individual taxes can start out as a small problem, escalating over the years into a huge problem.   The real tragedy is that the statute of limitations for IRS’s collection of individual taxes does not even start to run until you file a tax return.  IRS substitute returns may not trigger the statute of limitations.  And if the IRS files substitute returns for you, your tax liability will never be dischargeable in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Further, no resolution of the tax liability is possible without first filing all of the required tax returns.

Filing old tax returns is more difficult than it might seem at first blush.  You need old income information, old tax-return forms, and old tax tables.  We can help you obtain this information.  More importantly, we can handle the entire process so that IRS collection activity is completely avoided—no levies and probably no criminal prosecution.