How Much Does It Cost?

What is the cost to file bankruptcy?  Every case is different. Our basic fee for a simple, no-asset (all assets exempt) Chapter 7 with no secured debt is $1050. But additional fees will apply for the following:

  • Secured debts, such as house or vehicle loans.
  • If the alternate means test is involved to qualify for Chapter 7.
  • Tax debts.
  • If business debts are involved.
  • If the trustee or creditor contests some part of the bankruptcy.
  • And a few other things.

The attorney fee for most of our Chapter 7 cases is $1,200.

Chapter 13 bankruptcies are $3,500 but sometimes we agree that part of the fee can be paid through the Chapter 13 Plan. Every case is different.

The court filing fee is in addition to the attorney fee to file bankruptcy.  The court filing fee changes from time-to-time but right now is between $300 and $350 depending on the case.

Our initial office consultation for a bankruptcy case is free.  Give us a call so we can clarify the fees for your particular case.  We generally are very flexible regarding payment plans for bankruptcy cases, until it is time to file the case when we must be paid in full.